• Family Meal Planning in Minutes

    Create a meal plan for your family using chef-approved recipes that everyone will like.

  • Take Advantage of Grocery Sales

    We find the sales at your neighborhood supermarket so you don't have mess with the circular.

  • Create An Organized Grocery List

    Get in and out of the store easily with a printable grocery list organized by department.

Food on the Table

Want to meal plan on the go?

Food on the Table is now available on the web, in the iPhone App Store and in the Android Market for FREE ! Plan meals, view recipes, and manage your grocery list!

Weight Watchers Grocery List - How does Food on the Table work?

Food on the Table is an online budget meal plannign service designed to help families eat better and save money. We combine the weekly sales from your local grocery store with your family's food preferences to create a family-friendly meal plan based on kid-friendly recipes hand-picked by our chefs. Then, we send you to the store with a printable grocery shopping list that you can also view on your smartphone.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Cooking at home during the week can be difficult and stress filled when you don't plan. With a few clicks, you'll receive grocery lists to print each week that use the sales at your local grocery store. With our shopping list cooking can be stress free! Learn more about the benefits of meal planning

Customizable Grocery List Generator

Food on the Table makes it easy to customize your meal plan to your food preferences. Our grocery list templates based on your recipes let you choose any kind of meal you want. We provide everything from low carb grocery lists to your basic grocery list and our printable grocery lists make planning your trip to the store stress free. See more grocery savings tips

Stress Free Grocery Shopping

Get lost trying to come up with a good groceries list each week? No more stress! Save time and effort with a grocery list template based on your food preferences. These printable grocery lists make grocery shopping a breeze.

Grocery List By Department

Studies show that for every minute over 30 minutes you spend in the grocery store, you spend and unnecessary additional $1 per minute. Make your trip to the store quick with a grocery shopping list organized by department. With Food on the Table's grocery shopping lists you can save between $40 and $100 a month! See why the grocery list is the key to the grocery store

Quick and Easy Grocery Shopping

Each store can be unique in what they offer. Food on the Table offers grocery lists by store based on the sales that are happening at each store. These printable grocery lists make sure that grocery shopping is a success. Find out what makes an easy dinner recipe

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