• Easy Meals for a Busy Life

    Too busy to spend time on cooking? Use Food on the Table to create quick and easy meals.

  • Find Easy Meal Ideas

    Food on the Table will help you find foods to make healthy easy meals. Based off the foods you want, we will give you some meal ideas that we think best fit your requested preferences.

  • Shop for Easy Meals on a Budget

    There are two important qualities everyone looks for in their food: affordability and healthiness. Food can cost a lot if you're trying to shop healthy. However, we can help you find healthy easy meals that will be easy to cook and won't break the bank account.

Food on the Table

Want to meal plan on the go?

Food on the Table is now available on the web, in the iPhone App Store and in the Android Market for FREE ! Plan meals, view recipes, and manage your grocery list!

Make Dinner Easier with Food on the Table

While Food on the Table can't directly cook quick easy meals for you, we can make the whole meal planning process much easier for you. You simply let us know your preferences and we will come up with a list for you. We also calculate all your savings and give you professional recipe recommendations for cheap easy meals! All you'll have to do is actually go to the store to pick up your items.

Easy Meal Choices

Whether you're shopping to cook easy meals for one or easy meals for two, we will streamline the process and give you as many choices as possible within a reasonable budget. <a href="http://www.foodonthetable.com/content/30-minute-meals">30 minute meals</a>

Cheap Easy Meal Food Types

The type of food that you want really depends on your preferences. However, there are some good foods that would be great to use to cook easy meals for dinner. For example, chicken is a perfect main course, as is pasta or vegetable mixes. With these foods, dinner will be a cinch.

A Not So Easy Meal

There are a few things that will tell you that your meal will probably not be so easy. One thing that will tell you this is the cooking time. If the recipe takes longer than 20 minutes, scrap it. The other key indicator is the amount of ingredients involved in the recipe. At more than 5 ingredients, recipes begin to get complicated.

Convenience and Your Meals

The aim of easy meals is to make eating more convenient for you. Our lives are demanding, and it's seldom that we have the opportunity to cook nice meals. Food on the Table will give you the resources to make cooking and eating healthier and easier.

Eat Healthier and Cheaper

Easy meals for dinner will never be simpler. You'll become healthier and save money with cheap and easy meals found on Food on the Table.

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