• Create an Easy Dinner for Family or Friends

    Use easy dinner recipes for family and friends and create a deliciously appetizing meal!

  • Save on Easy Dinner Meals

    Use Food on the Table resources to search for savings and specials on meals.

  • Prepare for your Easy Dinner Grocery Shopping

    There are so many quick and easy dinner recipes that involve many different items. Let's help you get your grocery list organized so you can carry through with your easy dinner ideas.

Food on the Table

Want to meal plan on the go?

Food on the Table is now available on the web, in the iPhone App Store and in the Android Market for FREE ! Plan meals, view recipes, and manage your grocery list!

Food on the Table can Help You Create Easy Dinners

Since Food on the Table helps you budget your meals, creating an easy dinner is easy. We will find you sales on some of your preferred items and suggest our professional recipes to you. We will tell you all the ingredients and items that you need to make quick and easy dinners. You will be able to print out your grocery list or access it on your smartphone.

Cook more Convenient Dinner Recipes

Let's face it: working life is demanding. Often, our life responsibilites don't allow us the time to search, shop, and invest effort on our dinner meals. Using Food on the Table will help you get quick easy dinner recipes with little effort. How great would it be to have the opportunity to devour excellent meals without spending a lot of time on the preparation!

Family Dinner Preferences

Sometimes it can be hard to include everything your family members want for dinner, especially when everyone in your family wants different things. However, Food on the Table will track everyone's preferences and make recipe recommendations based on those preferences. The "easy dinner for family" task will be easier than ever.

Easy Foods for Dinner

Some common foods that will make an easy dinner list are proteins, vegetables, and noodles. There are a variety of recipes that you can create with these base types of foods. If you're looking to impress, pasta is an excellent choice. There are many easy dinner recipes for two that include pasta. If you're looking for a more wholesome meal, stick with a protein and some vegetables in your meals.

Spend Less Time on Dinner

Food on the Table will free up some time for you. You'll no longer have to spend a lot of time on cooking. Easy dinners that satisfy will be at your fingertips.

Easy Dinner Recipes

Food on the Table only offers recipe recommendations from professional chefs. You won't have to worry anymore whether you and your family are going to eat a quality meal. What a relief!

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