Does anyone use natural peanut butter? If so what do you do about the oil? put it in fridge? microwave?

by Leslie 38807 almost 4 years ago


  • Julianna
    Julianna 52440

    Here is a good article on this: It recommends the Peanut Butter & Co and I second that! I lived in Manhattan for a while and they make gourmet peanut butter sandwiches. It is good and it is natural. :-)

    almost 4 years ago
  • Candace
    Candace 55860

    Natural PB is a waste of time to me. Just use Jiff because it is easier! Major on the majors - not the minors - it will save you some time and peace of mind.

    almost 4 years ago
  • Kristine
    Kristine 2531

    I stir it in while the peanut butter is still at room temp, and then put it in the fridge.

    almost 4 years ago
  • Doug
    Doug 49535

    We store our unopened jar of peanut butter upside down so the oil is on the bottom when you open it and it is easier to stir.

    almost 4 years ago
  • Liza Jane
    Liza Jane 51991

    Never thought of the upside down thing! Grandpa Witners Old Fashioned Peanut Butter mixer. Nifty gadget.

    almost 4 years ago
  • Donna (Food on the Table)
    Donna (Food on the Table) 86758

    I bought it all the time when I was in college. Never refrigerated it, since the natural foods store I got it from didn't refrigerate it, either. It was wonderful stuff, and just needed a bit of a stir when it was opened. I haven't found any I like so much since then, though.

    over 3 years ago
  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie 85955

    Okay, I can definitely relate to this one. For the most part, if you buy organic natural peanut butter, even if you stir the oil in pretty well, it always seems that towards the bottom you end up with a really dry consistency (I put mine in the fridge just to try to firm things up a bit and this happens every time). However, if you live next to a Trader Joe's, they have the BEST peanut butter (and it's wicked cheap at $1.69 a jar) and there's no oil on the top to stir! You can also jar it yourself at certain health food stores (Whole Foods, Raisin Rack, etc). Or...if you aren't too picky about it being a little more than just peanuts and salt, Skippy and JIF make except "Natural" versions, too :)

    over 3 years ago
  • Sandy (Community Guide)
    Sandy (Community Guide) 48829

    Just stir the oil right in and i put it in the fridge after that. Enjoy! And real pb is so much better than jiff on taste and nutrition =)

    over 3 years ago
  • Chef Heather (Food on the Table)
    Chef Heather (Food on the Table) 25081

    @Leslie- Hi this is Chef Heather from Food on the Table. Due to its high in fat content, natural or homemade peanut butter (or other nut butters) run the risk of getting rancid, so proper storage is of utmost importance. Prolonged exposure to humidity and extreme heat, can cause peanut butter to spoil. It is recommended to keep your peanut butter in the fridge and to avoid exposure it to light, heat or humidity. Because the natural oils of the peanuts will cause separation, simply allow the refrigerated peanut butter to come to room temperature and stir to combine. The use as desired.

    over 3 years ago
  • Sonia
    Sonia 105555

    Maybe you could look around at some other stores. We have a few that sell some brands of natural peanut butter that don't have the oil on the top and aren't super dry at the bottom. Our health food store grinds their own as well and it doesn't look just might want to purchase it in the smaller containers since it probably doesn't store quite as long as the stuff with all the trans fat in it ;)

    over 3 years ago