Easy Meal Plans for a Family

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<p>Is your family life really busy? Does the thought of making meals get you stressed? Then you need some easy to follow meal plans.</p> <h2>How to Make Easy Meal Plans</h2> <p>Make yourself an easy meal planner by getting a calendar and writing in the recipes you want to use for each day. If you know how to use excel, you can do it on the computer. Start slowly with easy weekly meal plans and work up to doing monthly ones. You can look at the grocery stores’ circulars to find ingredients that are on sale or go through your coupons. Ask your family what they would like to eat. They might surprise you as to what they would like on the meal plan.</p> <p>Be sure to look in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry to see what food you already have before you go shopping. Put your menu plan on the refrigerator so that your family will see it and know what to expect. Then make your grocery list. These free easy meal plans will save you time in the end by having planned ahead, for example, you will end up making less trips to the grocery store. Also, if you stick to your list, then you won’t buy things you don’t need. In addition, you won’t be as tempted to go out to eat if you have a meal all planned out and the ingredients readily available.</p> <h2>Ideas for Easy Meal Plans</h2> <p>Some suggestions for easy meal plans for a family are to use recipes with easy to find ingredients from the store. Also, make classic recipes like meatloaf, tacos, and stir fry. Use simple cooking techniques like slow cooking in a crock pot. Think about meals you have made in the past that were easy. Include new recipes that you want to try as part of your easy meal plans. Ask other parents, family members, online, or in cookbooks for some new, easy recipes. This advice is the same for those who are making easy veggie meal plans. On nights when you know you will be busy, make simple dishes like chili and casseroles. On weekends double recipes like soups and freeze half for another day.</p> <p>An idea for your easy healthy meal plans might be to have a salad meal with leftover cut up chicken from the night before. Put out bowls of romaine lettuce, other cut up vegetables, dried fruit, such as cherries or cranberries, and cheese. This way your family can decide what they want on their salads. Let your imagination be your guide. Another idea is to get some submarine buns and let your family choose the ingredients to put on them.</p> <p>Leftover meatballs can be used with a sweet and sour sauce or put on a submarine bun for a meatball sandwich. Meal planning can include pasta recipes which can be quick, made with a variety of ingredients, and served hot or cold. If you are making a somewhat complicated main dish, then make your side dish simple, such as brown rice. On the other hand, if your main dish is real simple then you could make a more time consuming side dish like scalloped potatoes.</p> <h2>Healthy Easy Meal Plans</h2> <p>Mix and match recipes for your easy meal planning to give your family a variety of nutritious foods. Stick to your meal plan, but if something comes up and you can’t make the meal a certain night be flexible and have it another night. In all, save your family some stress by serving easy meals and being more relaxed around dinner time yourself.</p>