Easy Dinners

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<p>First things first when it comes to preparing easy dinners. You need to have a well-stocked pantry and a meal plan. Use a calendar and write in the recipes for easy to cook dinners that you will use for the week. Look online, in cookbooks and magazines, or get recipes from friends and family. Make your grocery list and do your grocery shopping for all the ingredients you need to make these recipes for quick easy dinners.</p> <h2>Easy Dinners for Two</h2> <p>Make a full recipe and freeze half so that you can have it for another meal. You can even plan on Leftover Nights in your meal plan for fast easy dinners. Another idea is to cut your favorite casserole recipe in half and bake in a 9&#215;5 bread loaf pan. Use a toaster oven instead of heating up the kitchen with your regular oven. Lastly, make a butternut or acorn squash in your microwave by cutting in half. Dot each half with margarine and sprinkle with brown sugar. Cover with plastic wrap. Cook in microwave until soft.</p> <h2>Easy Pasta Dinners</h2> <p>Pasta can be made ahead of time and put in a bowl that has been rubbed with a little olive oil. Refrigerate. Then when you want to use it, simply pour the pasta into a large pot of rapidly boiling water. Simmer and stir gently just until the pasta has separated, no more than one minute. Drain and serve with sauce. For easy dinners, buy jars of pasta sauce at the grocery store and use those. There are a wide variety of sauces available currently, such as marina, Alfredo, 3 cheese sauce, just to name a few. Add some cooked chopped vegetables, meat or shrimp for some variety.</p> <h2>Easy Chicken Dinners</h2> <p>Most adults and children like to eat chicken. One way to cook it is to coat the chicken with barbecue and sauce and grill or put in the slow cooker. Another idea is to make cream of chicken soup with milk in it. Then make the chicken by microwaving it and when done put the cream of chicken soup on top as gravy. Serve with mashed potatoes and another vegetable. Lastly, make some stir fry by chopping up your choice of vegetables and cutting up some chicken breasts. Stir fry with your wok. Serve with white or brown rice. Add a southwest flavor to your easy dinners by putting chicken into tacos, tostados, burritos, enchiladas, or taco salad.</p> <h2>Easy Dinners for Kids</h2> <p>A suggestion for an entrée is to make creamed tuna on toast. Put a can of tuna fish, a can of cream of mushroom soup with a little milk, and some sweet peas in a pan. Cook on the stovetop on a low to medium heat until warm. Serve over buttered toast.</p> <h2>Make breakfast for dinner.</h2> <p>For instance, make pancakes in different shapes. Your children will be delighted with this. Another suggestion is to make waffles. Slice strawberries and sweeten with sugar. Put this sauce on top of the waffles. Then let your children put whipped cream on top of all this. Serve with sliced ham that has been browned in a pan.</p> <h2>Easy Healthy Dinners</h2> <p>Eggs are a good source of protein besides being economical to cook with. They can be made into egg salad sandwiches made with low-fat mayonnaise, for example. Another suggestion for quick easy dinners could be chili or black bean soup. Another option is to substitute tofu in your recipe instead of meat as a protein. Make sure that you serve enough fruits and vegetables with your meal. If you are giving your family milk, make it low-fat (1%) or skimmed. Use healthy oils, such as canola or olive oil. Remember to use spices instead of salt for good health.</p> <h2>Easy to Cook Dinners</h2> <p>Most people new to cooking like to start out with some easy dinners. Also, people who have been cooking for years might want some ideas for easy to make dinners if they don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen or don’t have a desire to make more complicated meals. Your family will be just as happy with quick and easy dinners as they would be with ones that took longer to cook if you make them flavorful.</p>