About Meal Mate by Food.com

Happy Family

Manuel Rosso - Founder

I used to work in the technology industry in Austin, TX and considered my job moderately stressful, but coming home to a frazzled wife and four hungry kids every night was even more stressful than work! Between school, soccer practice and other after school activities, planning and making dinner was the last thing to be done. Getting my family of six to agree on a suitable meal was almost impossible and definitely not rewarding. Planning meals, spending the time to research recipes and purchase the food was time consuming and very expensive. Searching for coupons and grocery store sale circulars was way too much work and often not worth the time spent. I thought there simply had to be a better way.

After talking to several friends, I realized my family wasn't the only one with this issue. I decided to combine my background in technology and compassion for families to create Food on the Table. This concept was born out of a need to get organized with menu planning, to create easy prep meals that everyone enjoyed and to save time and money at the grocery store.

At Food on the Table, our intent is to deliver an experience that is unique, yet practical. That's why we work closely with moms, including my wife, as we continue to build and improve Food on the Table concept. We take customer feedback very seriously so please feel free to contribute or email me directly as so we can improve our ability to bring you Food on the Table.

How Do We Get The Sale Items?

Are you curious how we get the sale items? One of our best sources are your neighbors and friends. Each person who helps, get's more of the Food on the Table experience. Do you want to help, or find out more? Check our announcement in our forums.